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The campsite is ideally located in the heart of the Var towards the most beautiful spots in Provence.
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Located 5 minutes from the campsite


It is the kingdom of very vertical (even overhanging) routes on excellent dolomitic limestone. Long renowned for its hard routes (from 6b to 8b +), the site is also home to a good range of 5/6 routes.

With +250 equipped lengths, the site has something to satisfy a wide range of practitioners.

The style of the tracks varies depending on the sector, as do the grips. We meet a lot of dishes, inverts, crimps, and, although the holes are always there, it can happen that they are elusive. There are also some opposing passages, a lot of cracks, more or less open dihedrals and anecdotal slab passages: a varied climb on a very sculpted rock.

Accessible all year round even in summer thanks to the freshness of the river and the canyon filtering the sun.





Here is a selection of routes:

- Alex, 4c +, 25m: Nice climbing on a very nice rock.

- Le Colibri, 5b +, 42m: an exceptional aerial route at the end of the route, a must do.

- Cord fabric, 5c +, 35m: long route with ridge passages on a beautiful rock.

- The iris, 6a, 20m: A fairly short 6a on good holds.

- Keketols on the Moon, 6a +, 21m: Beautiful route on good ferries.

- KNTZ, 6b, 20m: No bouldering at the start and continuity.

- Morning wake-up call, 6b, 29m: Long and intense.

- Neuromediation, 6c, 38m: Long, magnificent and committed route.

- When the guns are silent ..., 6c, 17m: Difficult start for the little ones and final on good catches.

- Abolition of Privileges, 7a +, 26m: One bouldering step to complete the route.

- Tiané Mobylette, 7b +, 40m: Slab, continuity and commitment, gave its name to the sector.

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